So I got bored and I was looking through IMDb and I saw Deucalion was 2013-2014, and I went and looked at the others, and theirs did too, so I was thinking about how everyone said Danny was going to die in 3B or not be in it at all, I went and looked and it was 2011-2013. I know it may not mean anything, like they may just not have changed it, but…

Any theories?

Anonymous asked:
You're just looking for attentION PLEASE STOP

I’m looking for attention
Attention to get #MoreDanny
That’s the only attention I want


Lets try and get a lot of notes and maybe (a big maybe) if Jeff Davis sees this, he’ll understand how serious we are.

im going to post another reblog thingy :p

Anonymous asked:
Do you ship Dethan?

I actually do not, I ship Stiles and Danny.

Anonymous asked:
is there anyone that u love more than danny or??

Keahu. The only person I love more than Danny is Keahu

Anonymous asked:
i love danny bc he makes me all giggly and smiley and i just lvoe hm i wish we could see him more...


Anonymous asked:
I just want to say everything you say is 300% true and everyone should listen to you, because just like Stiles, you're always right.

I wouldn’t say always

So I opened my ask and submit boxes
If you want to chat about Danny and his perfection, come hit me up.
And if you just want to tell the world why you love Danny, feel free to submit it :)

Also, I’d like to add that the weird things going on in Beacon Hills don’t seem to matter at all when it comes to Danny.

We get an episode where he’s being cute with Ethan, and then Ethan says If anything happens, come find me which would start popping up red flags for me, I don’t know about you. Then BAM! He witnesses someone get murdered by a piano.

(Spoiler, stop reading here if you haven’t seen 3x12)

Two episodes later, and it’s like Danny wasn’t even there. Then, I haven’t seen the last episode, but from what I’ve heard, we see like five seconds of Danny holding Ethan’s hand, like nothing even happened that night and Ethan wasn’t acting totally weird at all.